Finnish companies are known to hire consultants instead of full –time employees.

Here are some of the reasons why these companies opt for consultants in Finland.

1. Output and Insight Into International Market Research Data

For large organizations in the UK and Ireland, there is a hierarchical order to be followed. This is replicated around the world. A lot of the decision making has to follow a certain order. At times, sticking to this sequence of events takes valuable time and slows down the entire process.

Slow processes mean that the number of projects you can take on is limited, and in the same vein, your revenue is limited as well. Even the most competent employees in Ireland get tied up in this internal process, slowing down their turnaround times.

In contrast, consultants in Finland are devoid of these hang-ups. Most are structured around performance, with high incentives, established work plans and support staff to get things done expeditiously. This is what you get by channeling resources into a consultancy and their international market research reserves by extension.

2. Expediency

Hiring employees comes at a cost. Aside from the straight forward recruitment and training costs, the time to assemble and get new teams into a productive space is costly as well.

When an organization has time-sensitive projects, the easiest way to get things going is by using a consultancy firm. Consultancy firms have professionals on the go ready to jump on your project as well international market research data to borrow from.

Depending on your needs, they will likely provide you with an already existing team that has handled a similar project before, and that already has their working methodology in place.

It’s also not uncommon to have teams that have worked in the country an organization is in. For example, a company just venturing into Ireland or UK can easily get an international consultant who is familiar with the policies there. At IG consultants, we provide these specific business support services to these two locations (UK and Ireland).

3. To Get An Objective View

Organizations in Finland just like in other parts of the world come with a lot of internal office politics. For employees, it gets easier to accept the status quo and go with the flow. This is even when they feel certain actions and decisions are detrimental to the firm. At some point, this is a survival instinct to keep their jobs and earn promotions.

A consultant in Finland or international consultant, on the other hand, can be as objective and openly critique an organization’s methodology without fear of reprisal. For an organization that seems stuck in a rut or continuously unable to fix certain internal issues, a consultant in Finland is the best way to go. The fact that it is in the consultant’s best interest to identify and resolve an issue means they have to do so objectively and decisively. An International consultant services firm can also be key to making sensitive decisions. Say determining executive’s pay.

4. Authority

When an organization in the UK or Ireland has to communicate difficult decisions or completely overhaul how things have been done in the past, an expert comes in handy. An International consultant provides the missing piece.

Consultants are experts in their fields, meaning they bring with them a level of authority and established credibility.

Further, before it gets to the decision delivery, an international consultant will have done their own organizational study and will come armed with data and information to support their recommendations.

They are also far much better than internal sources at convincing people that their proposal is indeed best for the company as a whole. This is what they do for a living. This expertise alongside a vast knowledge of international market research and trends means they know what works and what doesn’t.

At IG consultants, we can go a step further to conduct international market research on behalf of our clients. This ensures that all our proposals and recommendations are a reflection of factual data.

5. Best Practice

While hiring from a competitor can bring in a fresh perspective and a better way of doing business. As a leading consultant in Finland, we believe this can only go so far. Here is why:

Say a company wants to operate in a highly dynamic field in the UK, for example. Information and best practice are continually changing. An employee brought in from the competitor will have information relevant to the point when they left, and maybe a short while afterward.

A consultant in Finland on the hand has a wealth of knowledge in your industry and parallel industries, as well as entirely different industries whose best practices you can still employ with great results. Further, the knowledge they have is tried and tested and can spare you some costly mistakes along the way.

If you are looking for a top consultant in Finland to help you expand your organization’s network, contact us at IG consultants and let’s chart your growth together.

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